Act Now

Achieving Change Together!

Here's how you, your friends, colleagues, family members, teachers and parents can get involved in your own communities to stand up for children's interests and take action against the NEA and its affiliates.

Stand up for children's interests

Here's what you can do -ACT Now!

These are some of our suggestions -- if you have had success employing other methods, please share them with us at Thank you.

  • California Teachers Empowerment Network members can encourage colleagues, friends, and family to also subscribe to the CTEN monthly newsletter.
  • Parents and grandparents can suggest to teachers to visit the California Teachers Empowerment Network website - - in order to be fully informed about union membership options and other professional and educational issues.
  • Help to amplify CTEN's voice and increase its influence by financially supporting the work of the organization. Click here if you'd like to help CTEN by making a donation to support our efforts.
  • Host a "CTEN Forum" in your homes for colleagues, friends, and family where representatives of the organization can discuss the work of CTEN, what's needed in each community, how people in that community can get involved, etc. If you're interested in hosting a CTEN Forum in your home or other location in your community, please contact us at, or call us at 888-290-8471.
  • During election seasons, drill any and all candidates on educational issues.
  • Follow and support any legislation that would legislate or enhance educational choice for all children, and choice for teachers by making union membership strictly voluntary.
  • Be the "eyes and ears" of CTEN at the local level by monitoring local media reports about education issues and monitoring local teacher union activities. This would involve formally reporting back CTEN once every quarter, and informally keeping us up-to-date regularly via e-mail. If you're interested in working with CTEN in this manner, please contact us at, or call us at 888-290-8471.
  • Alerting CTEN about possible local public speaking opportunities for representatives of the organization in schools, clubs, etc. If you'd like to arrange for a local public forum for CTEN, please contact us at, or call us at 888-290-8471.
  • If you know any people of influence - educators, philanthropists, politicians, community leaders, members of the media, etc., please let us know who they are and help us to reach out to them. Please contact us at , or call us at 888-290-8471 if you want to help.
  • Run for your local school board or find someone who shares your values and vision and ask them to consider running.
  • Monitor school board meetings. You will see how important decisions are made and if there is undue union influence, or excessive influence from other parties. If you find things there that are troubling, please let CTEN know by contacting us at, or calling us at 888-290-8471 . Also, speak to teachers, the press, neighbors, etc. in your own community as a way to bring this out in the open.
  • Check local charter school laws. Are there restrictions that you don't agree with? See if you can find a sympathetic legislator or school board member and try to create change.
  • Pay frequent visits to the California Teachers Association legislative page - and you can see for yourself the types of legislation that CTA is involved with - both educational and political/social. If you disagree with the CTA 's positions, share your concerns with them politely but firmly in writing, and copy the head of your local teachers union, your local school board members, your local and state legislators, and your local print and broadcast media
  • Subscribe to Mike Antonucci's newsletter, which is an invaluable resource if you want to be kept informed about union goings on.

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