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We at the California Teachers Empowerment Network are teachers. CTEN is a non-partisan, non-political group dedicated to providing teachers and the public at large with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues. CTEN believes that advocating for open dialogue and informed choices will empower teachers to experience greater satisfaction and success in their profession and will also help the general public understand the array of educational issues facing our country today.

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Information for new agency fee payers (NEA/CTA)
If you are a member of CTA and considering becoming an agency fee payer, it’s a two-step process and now is the time to get started. First, you must resign from your union. Then between September 1st and November 15th, you must submit a request to receive your full rebate. (Late first-timers will get a prorated rebate.) For more info and form letters, please scroll down. Also, teachers who mention CTEN when they sign up with AAE for the first time will get a $30 discount off the regular $198 first year membership.

Information for existing agency fee payers (NEA/CTA) We sincerely hope that if you are an existing agency fee payer, you have sent in a request for your rebate. The deadline was November 15th and if you didn’t file by then, you will not get your rebate this year. For more information, please go here

Information for new and existing agency fee payers (AFT/CFT)
If you are a member of AFT/CFT or UTLA, please call 888-290-8471 or for more information.

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National School Choice Week is time that is set aside to shine a positive spotlight on the need for effective education options for all children . To learn more, go here.

California Independent Teachers is a local-only, independent alternative to your teachers union. For more info, go here.

CTEN conducted an internal poll on Common Core.

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Please visit our new ACT NOW! page to see what you can do to stand up for children's interests and take action against the NEA and its affiliates.

CTEN's internal poll on Common Core.




On January 26th, Larry Sand had an op-ed published by the Orange County Register about school choice, the backbone of our country.

On Jan 22nd, Larry Sand appeared on air with BradDacus and talked about school choice.

On January 18th, Larry Sand had an op-ed,co-written with Gloria Romero, posted by USA Today on Betsy DeVos’ nominationfor Secretary of Education

On November 27th, Larry Sand had an op-ed published by the Los Angeles Daily News  on UTLA’s ongoing battle with philanthropist Eli Broad.

On November 22, Larry Sand appeared on KABC with Doug McIntyre and talked about UTLA's refusal to accept a grant from philanthropist Eli Broad.

On November 3rd, Larry Sand had an op-ed published by the Orange County Register about the WikiLeaks’ exposé of NEA's inner workings.

On October 26th, Larry Sand had an article posted in City Journal about “Hillary’s Teachers’ Union Sellout”

In the October 24th edition of National Review Larry Sand had an article published about Hillary Clinton’s relationship to the teachers unions.

On September 30th, Larry Sand had an article posted in City Journal about “Charters Under Attack”

On Sept. 1, Larry Sand appeared on a Heartland Institute podcast and talked with Teresa Mull about the NAACP moratorium on charter schools.

On August 18th, Larry Sand had an op-ed published by the Orange County Register about Clovis, a California city that has never had a teachers union.

On August 17th, Larry Sand had an article posted in City Journal about “California’s Temporarily Temporary Tax”

On April 23,  Larry Sand appeared on The Dacus Report and talked about graduation rates in Los Angeles.

On April 15,  Larry Sand spoke to KFI’s John and Ken and talked about the latest in the Vergara case.

On March 27, Larry Sand had an op-ed published by the Los Angeles Daily News about the LA school district’s dubious high school graduation numbers.

On March 8, Larry Sand appeared on PBS’s Inside OC and talked about the Friedrichs case with CTA president Eric Heins.

On Feb. 18, Freedom Foundation Education Policy Analyst Jami Lund discusses the court trend toward worker protection and Justice Scalia's passing with Larry Sand.

On December 30, Larry Sand had an article posted in City Journal about Eli Broad’s charter school expansion plans for Los Angeles.

On November 19, Larry Sand appeared on PBS’s Studio SoCal and talked about Charter Schools and the LA Unified School District.

On November 1, Larry Sand had an op-ed published by the Los Angeles Daily News about the problems with teacher tenure laws.

On Oct. 29, Freedom Foundation Education Policy Analyst, Jami Lund discusses the teachers unions’ ongoing battle with charter schools with Larry Sand.

On Oct. 20, Larry Sand was on air with former state Assemblyman and talk radio host Tim Donnelly discussing how teacher union dues are paid.


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