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We at the California Teachers Empowerment Network are teachers. CTEN is a non-partisan, non-political group dedicated to providing teachers and the public at large with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues. CTEN believes that advocating for open dialogue and informed choices will empower teachers to experience greater satisfaction and success in their profession and will also help the general public understand the array of educational issues facing our country today.

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National School Choice Week is time that is set aside to shine a positive spotlight on the need for effective education options for all children . To learn more, go here.

California Independent Teachers is a local-only, independent alternative to your teachers union. For more info, go here.

The nonprofit organization Students Matter is currently building a coalition of supporters who are invested in fixing California's education system. They believe strongly in including the voices of teachers in the reform discussion. To learn more, go here.

CTEN conducted an internal poll on Common Core.

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Please visit our new ACT NOW! page to see what you can do to stand up for children's interests and take action against the NEA and its affiliates.

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On September 21, Larry Sand had an article posted in City Journal about the California Teachers Association preparation for life as a voluntary association.

Aug.10th to Aug. 16th, CTEN participated in National Employee Freedom Week. During the week, CTEN board member Rebecca Friedrichs participated in a Heritage Foundation event which was televised on C-SPAN. She also wrote an op-ed for the Orange County Register. I had an op-ed placed in Investor’s Business Daily. CTEN also ran a 30-second ad which ran all week on KABC in Los Angeles.

On June 11, Larry Sand spoke to KABC’s Doug McIntyre about the Students Matter decision.

On May 16, Larry Sand had an article posted in City Journal about California’s seniority statute.

On April 11, Larry Sand had an article posted in City Journal about California’s tenure law.

On February 16th, CTEN board member Rebecca Friedrichs wrote an op-ed in the Orange County Resister about a teacher’s stand against tyranny.

On February 14th, Larry Sand wrote a rebuttal to an LA Times op-ed about teacher pay and tenure.

On Jan. 31, Larry Sand participated in a discussion about school choice with Andrew Campanella, Lisa Keegan, Lance Izumi and Lisa Snell.

On Jan. 29th, Larry Sand had an op-ed printed in the Orange County Register about school choice.

On Jan. 27, Larry Sand spoke to KABC’s Doug McIntyre about the Students Matter case.



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