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"I wish you sold merchandise (bumper stickers, shirts, etc.).  I would love to have alternative gear to wear on Tuesdays (when we're pressured to wear union gear.)" - CTEN Subscriber

CTEN Merchandise

The above email, from a CTEN subscriber, inspired us. CTEN how has a limited number of T-Shirts in navy blue with the CTEN logo on front and "A resource for all who care about education" on the back. They come preshrunk, in small, medium, large and extra large.



Download the CTEN brochure by clicking here.

Can you use a few extra hundred dollars a year? You teach in a state where you are required to pay union dues, even if you don’t want to be a member. However, you are not required to pay money that goes toward political activities. Go to our "Do you know?" page to learn how you can receive your rebate.

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