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1-29-14 Orange County Register -- Students benefit from school vouchers

11-26-13 City JournalGirls, Boys, Both, Neither

9-19-13 Orange County Register -- Time for a representative teachers union

9-6-13 City JournalSubdue, Contain, Deplete

7-11-13 City JournalOpportunity Knox

6-20-13 Investor’s Business Daily Americans Should Know They Have Choices In The Workplace

5-16-13 City JournalBlue vs. Blue

2-21-13 Orange County RegisterIf unions do so much for members, why bully?

2-8-13 Orange County Register -- Public unions the real freeloaders

1-11-13 City JournalSilencing the Whistleblower

12-30-12 City JournalNo Guns in School?

7-16-12 City JournalPerverting Justice

7-4-12 LA Daily News - Editorial Page – Escape the ZIP code for better education

6-8-12 Sacramento Bee - Editorial Page – Open Enrollment Unblocks Path to Choice.

6-6-12 City JournalStudents vs. Status Quo

5-21-12 EAG News - Focus on Reform - Organization sues to end legal protections for incompetent California teachers

5-8-12 City JournalEscaping Failure

4-12-12 LA Daily News - Editorial Page – Public education system a Titanic problem

1-25-12 Townhall.com - Schools of Education

1-24-12 City Journal - Golden Missed Opportunity

1-20-12 LA Daily News - Editorial Page – School choice reforms are more vital than ever

1-19-12 City Journal - A 40-Year Shame

1-4-12 Clarion Call - No Wonder Johnny (Still) Can't Read 

12-1-11 School Reform News - Non-Union Teacher Groups Grow as NEA Numbers Shrink 

11-21-11 Real Clear Politics - Teacher Union's Missing Funds: A Pattern of Stonewalling? 

11-14-11 City Journal - Disrupting Class

8-26-11- Wall Street Journal - Why the Labor Movement Moved Left

8-25-11 City Journal Teachers’ Road Map to Nowhere

8-3-11 - San Jose Mercury News - Editorial Page – Commission to police teachers has failed utterly in its duty

7-20-11 – Huffington Post - California Budget Leaves Schools With Few Option

7-7-11 City Journal Sizing Up Classrooms

6-20-11 City Journal - Grading the Teachers

5-23-11 – Huffington Post - Los Angeles Teachers Union Seeks To Halt New Evaluation Pilot 

5-20-11 – Huffington Post - LA Mayor Pushes For Teacher Tenuring Rules  

5-12-11 – La Opinión - Desbarajuste en agencia que acredita a maestros

5-12-11 – Huffington Post – Teacher Tenure Under Fire From Statehouses

5-10-11 City Journal - Debt the Teachers' Unions Cause Us

4-5-11 Jewish Journal - LAUSD schools accountable to new law

3-22-11 City Journal - One Small Strike Against Teacher Seniority

2-9-11 San Jose Mercury News - Editorial Page - California Education Reform May Be Facing a Brownout

10-21-10 San Diego Union-Tribune - Editorial Page - 'Superman' debate: Waiting for the teachers' unions

10-19-10 School Reform News - Rhode Island High School Turns Around the Turnaround Model

10-13-10 School Reform News - NYC Teachers Released from 'Rubber Rooms', Required to Work

8-22-10 Orange County Register - Editorial Page - It's time for larger classes, fewer teachers

7-8-10 San Jose Mercury News - Editorial Page - Teachers' unions political funding inappropriate

4-18-10 City Journal - The Beholden State

3-19-10 Newsweek - Debate: Are Teachers' Unions the Problem-or the Answer?

3-15-10 Education Matters - The War on Progress

3-8-10 Red County - The NEA and the AFT Do Not Represent All Teachers--Just Follow The Money

3-7-10 Los Angeles Times - Letter to the editor in response to "The Year of the Pink Slip"

3-3-10 FlashReport - Los Angeles Has a Lesson For Sacramento

2-23-10 Associated Press - Hundreds Protest LA Board Vote On School Choice

2-18-10 Appeal Democrat - YCUSD facing 'difficult choices' in budget cuts

2-17-10 Carolina Journal - Mystery Meat Could Be Reality in N.C. School Districts

2-1-10 Townhall magazine - in-depth article about CTEN Teaching the Union

2-1-10 Appeal Democrat - Laid-off teachers' pay dispute

11-20-09 City Journal - We're All Right-Wing Bastards Now

10-30-09 Los Angeles Daily News - Editorial Page Senority system in LAUSD keeps good teachers out

10-27-09 Big Government blog – Solidarity Schmolidarity – Teacher Larry Sand Exposes His Union

7-2-09 San Diego Union Tribune - Editorial Page No recession for teachers unions

3-26-09 Los Angeles Times - Editorial Page Why should teachers be a protected class?

11-20-08 Los Angeles Daily News - Editorial Page Union doesn't speak for all state's teachers

10-18-08 Los Angeles Times - Editorial Page Unions Shortchange Teachers

8-27-08 Edspresso - Editorial The Audacity of Reg

6-30-08 Edspresso - Editorial Are Teachers' Unions Anti-teacher?


Radio Interviews

1-27-14 Larry Sand talked about the Students Matter lawsuit with Doug McIntyre on KABC in Los Angeles.

1-7-14 Larry Sand talked about the Students Matter lawsuit with Chris Daniel on KMJ in Fresno.

12-7-13 Larry Sand talked about school choice with Ken Van Meter on KFAX in San Francisco.

5-15-13 KABC in Los Angeles Larry Sand talks with Doug McIntyre about school suspensions. .

8-24-11 KION 1460AM in Monterey Larry Sand talks with Mark Carbonaro about the "Blueprint For California."

3-18-11 KION 1460AM in Monterey Larry Sand talks with Mark Carbonaro about the Parent Trigger.

3-5-10 KUIK 1360AM in Hillsboro, OR Larry Sand on the Jayne Carroll Show talking about the need for CTEN.

2-24-10 KPCC 89.3 FM Public Radio in Los Angeles Larry Sand is interviewed about LAUSD decision to limit charter schools in LA

5-15-09 KNX 1070 AM Newsradio in Los Angeles Larry Sand is interviewed on KNX 1070 AM Newsradio about the UTLA civil disobedience.

3-10-09 John and Ken Show on KFI AM 640 in Southern California Larry Sand appears on the John and Ken Show in Southern California to comment on the education budget crisis and the deteriorating situation between the school district and local union.

1-29-09 KNX 1070 AM Newsradio in Los Angeles Larry Sand is interviewed on KNX 1070 AM Newsradio concerning state budget cuts to education. Clip #1. Clip#2.

7-28-08 KION 1460AM in Monterey Larry Sand talks with Mark Carbonaro about the recent NEA convention and other education related matters.


Radio Ads:

CTEN has run several radio ads, essentially dealing with teacher-union issues.

October 2010 - LA and SD - Union Political Spending

October 2009 - Los Angeles-- Union as impediment to education reform

October 2008 - Sacramento - Prop. 8

October 2008 - Sacramento - Forced dues

March 2008 - Sacramento - SB 777

March 2008 - Sacramento - Union Spending



2-8-12 KOCE, Orange County - SoCaL Insider with Rick Reiff Why are LA Schools Getting a Failing Grade?
Larry Sand and a local union leader discuss various education issues.

2-7-12 KNBC Channel 4 News, Los Angeles
Larry Sand is interviewed about how difficult it is to fire bad teachers.


12-2-11 CA State Americans For Prosperity Director David Spady mentions Larry Sand in a video which deals with the difficulty in trying to get rid of bad teachers.

8-17-10 Filmmaker Bob Bowdon (The Cartel) mentions CTEN on Fox Business News.

3-13-09 KCBS Channel 2 News and KCAL Channel 9 News, Los Angeles
Larry Sand is interviewed about state budget cuts to education.

10-1-08 Center for Union Facts
The Truth About Teachers Unions
is released.



10-24-08 Natomas Teachers Association Blog
In an email to California Teachers Association chapter presidents, CTA President David Sanchez criticizes CTEN., and makes some inaccurate claims. In its November 2008 newsletter, CTEN responds to Mr. Sanchez. 


Press Releases



2-21-10 24 Year Veteran School Teacher Challenges UTLA'S Protests Scheduled For Tomorrow Against School Choice Plan

3-12-09 24 Year Veteran School Teacher Challenges CTA Layoff Protest

3-9-09 24 Year Veteran School Teacher Challenges UTLA's Layoff Protest and Civil Disobedience


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