Your Membership options:

Do you know that you don’t have to be a union member? There may be refund options your union does not want you to know about, or facts about your membership of which you have never been made aware. For more information, click here.



Your Participation Options:

If you choose to remain a union member, there are many ways you can help to affect union policy. Many teachers don’t know that NEA and CTA members are entitled to receive a handbook which details all union policies. You can request your copy of the NEA Handbook or read most of it online!  Learn how to do this and much more by clicking here.



Download the CTEN brochure by clicking here.

Can you use a few extra hundred dollars a year? You teach in a state where you are required to pay union dues, even if you don’t want to be a member. However, you are not required to pay money that goes toward political activities. Go to our "Do you know?" page to learn how you can receive your rebate.

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